Landscape Photography Tips

Taking photographs is a perfect way of keeping some memories, especially if you are walking down the road or driving through a place which has a mind-blowing landscape. The beauty of the scene makes a photographer stop and capture the breathtaking nature that they wouldn’t want to forget. At times, you think that you have achieved the best scenic views in your pictures, but when you go through them later on, you don’t seem to get the satisfaction that you got, when you viewed the scene with your naked eyes.

This happens to many photographers. Whenever we view a particular landscape, we tend to focus on the small elements which are appealing to our eyes and entice our brains. Therefore, if you know more about landscape photography, you can easily capture the magical photos, without missing an inch of the breathtaking scenes. This satisfaction can be achieved if you have the following photography tips at your disposal.

Try Using Different Lens Choices

The best panoramic lenses are often handy in landscape photography. In this case, go for wide lenses if you want to get the most out of your photographs. You can also try telephoto lenses if you intend to capture the vast scale of your landscape, as wide lenses cannot achieve this perfectly.

Pay Attention to Your Tripods

A good tripod is worth investing in if you want to be a good landscape photographer. You must have a reliable and sturdy tripod when using the fast shutter to take landscape shots. The stand must be stable enough to withstand any kind of weather elements, and it should also be affordable, and light enough, for traveling photographers. If possible, you can have both more substantial and also, miniature tripods which can assume different angles.

Chase the Sunlight

When it comes to landscape photography, many photographers make their best shots during the ‘golden hour,’ which is an hour before sunset and sunrise. Cloudy weather is also great since the clouds give a mute effect and warm up the colors of your photographs. When it’s too sunny or around midday, your photos may have a lot of shadows.

Search Around for a Perfect Site

You should look for a great landscape setting by searching around. Focus on finding amazing views which will tell a story such as water bodies for a mirror effect; grass, plants and snow to fill in the texture; and rivers, springs and waterfalls for movement. These elements will spice up the photograph. For you to discover such scenes, you need to have some quality time, hit the road and hunt for the coolest places.

Take Account of People

A landscape is not just all about nature; it also includes people. In fact, the rule of thirds can be applied simply by having a child stand at the bank of a water body. This will complement a landscape and make it look great. Consider using a slower shutter or fast shutter to speed up or freeze the action consecutively when trying to capture movements.

Let the Weather Do Some Work for You

Different types of weather, such as dew or fog, add glamour to your shots. Applying skills like a slow shutter to capture raindrops will help enhance the beauty of weather through photography.


Landscape photography is fantastic and enjoyable because you spend more time outdoors with nature. As a landscape photographer, you will need to be patient, since you have to wait for the right time, weather and lighting to capture a moment. You also need to practice to sharpen your photography techniques and skills to capture scenes which will wow people when viewed.